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Innocent Doll
Innocent Doll , limited edition set by Kissu Kissu , give you the most charming innocent look from head-to-toe with our three little lovely products consist of 
Innocent CC : a  light weight CC Cream that will give your face a natural flawless look.
Innocent Face Glow : give you an addition shiny innocent looking skin.
Innocent CC Perfume Body (floral scent) : a body CC that will spell your skin to shine white like a  snow doll with a unique floral scent pheromone that will magically increase your charm.

Price:  699 BAHT 

Bubble Gum Foam
Product Detail:
A bubble gum texture cleasing foam that will absorbs all the grime. With glutatione, lactic acid, and collagen, this fun moisturizer cleasing foam will enhance skin to the brighter level!
How to use: Gently wet face and put a little amount of foam on hand before rubbing the face. Wash with water afterwards.

Size: 80 g.
Price:  350 BAHT


Product Detail: Amazingly dry and clear your acne within 3 days without letting the skin dry. The package design is easy to specify just the acne part.
How to use: Apply a small amount on the acne or apply all over the face to prevent acne in the future during morning and night.
Size: 15 g.
Price: 650 Baht


Clearance Sale !!! 
Product Detail:
 Aura Shining Cream (best seller!!!) - A high quality gel cream that will enhance skin by giving a flawless and aura beauty to your facial skin. It reduce all kinds of dark spots

How to use:
 Apply small amount all over the face during morning and night.
800 Baht Sale!! 600 Baht


Clearance Sale !!!
Product Detail:
 BB Uv Perfume Body (candy scent with spf 50 pa+++) - Whitening BB lotion for body that will make your skin white and bright in one minute!!!
How to use: Apply all over the body anytime you want!
Suggestion: ไม่ควรทาในขณะที่ผิวเปียกน้ำ
Size: 150 ml.
Price: 490 Baht

Product Detail: Wink Wink Sunscreen (30 g) A high quality suncreen with spf 50 and whitening base that will adjust your original skin to be 3 steps brighter immediately.
How to use: Apply all over the face before makeup, after applying all the cream to protect the skin from the sun.

Size: 30 g.
Price:  690 Baht


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